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Auto Repair
Auto Repair

Far Motors can to repair vehicles with a multitude of issues. From simple oil changes to in depth engine repair, we can work with you to solve your vehicle's problem.


Keeping in touch with our customers throughout the entire car repair process allows us to keep a sense of transparency and shows our customers our main goal, to get you out on the street in your car as soon as possible.


Far Motors strives to keep that sense of small town hospitality, quality work, and attention to detail. With over 50 years of experience, Far Motors can handle your car repair situation. We look forward to helping you solve the issues with your vehicle. Call us today, stop in, or tell us about your car repair needs by visiting our contact page.

Some of the repair services we offer

- Oil Change and Basic Servicing


- Brake Service


- Wheel Repair and Tire Rotation


- Suspension


- AC / Heating Repair


- Lighting and electrical repair

- Engine repair


- Engine swap


- Exhaust systems


- Drivetrain problems


- Fuel systems repair


- Transmission service

Repairing cars with added convenience

At Far Motors we understand how time can fly. Some days are just not long enough. We provide a pickup and delivery service for your car.


If you can't make it to the shop to drop off your car for a repair, just ask us about our pickup and delivery option. We will drive to you and pickup up your vehicle. After your request is completed and your car is repaired we will return it back to you.


It's the perk of choosing Far Motors that we look forward to continuing for many years to come. Call us today to setup your next vehicle repair.   

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